April 2016 Newsletter

Dear beloved friends and Vikasitha Ministry Partners, Your Vikasitha Family in India greets you all! We pray and hope that you and your families are doing well and enjoying the Lord’s goodness. As most of you knew, the last 6 months were a tremendous challenge and test of our hearts with my wife Surekha’s health (Breast Cancer) and different ministry demands. Words fall short to express how much we were loved and encouraged by all of you. We deeply felt love and sincere concern. Thank you so much for standing with us with all sorts of immeasurable support. ﷯For praise and prayer, please read the below updates: Surekha’s Health: Surgery was done on Feb. 3rd and she stayed in the hospital for 15 days. Before the surgery, doctors performed four chemotherapy sessions and after surgery suggested four more. The last one will be on the 28th of April. And unfortunately, as always with chemotherapy, there were some side effects. The entire treatment is in Hyderabad city, a five hour drive from Vijayawada. As you can imagine, this health issue is consuming so much of our time and energy. We are very grateful to the hundreds who have faithfully prayed all these months and you are part of it! Regarding different ministries, 1. Blossoming Buds just a few days ago finished another successful school year. All 38 buds are in very good health. They now take a seven week summer holiday. Four Children (2 girls and 2 boys) wrote 10th grade final public exams as part of their schooling and one girl in her 2nd year of college took her Junior exams. Yesterday she got her results and passed with 77%. We are praying and planning to send her for her B.Sc., a 4-year nursing course that can be quite expensive. 2. In the Leadership Training Centre, 49 students have finished the three different levels of their course by the 9th of April and we send them for a 3-day (April 11-13) Training program. They received their materials and are preparing. From April 25- May 6, they will reach about 2,400 children in different geographical areas across India. It is a great and challenging task! 3. This year for Summer Camps, the Lord put a heavy burden in our hearts concerning the youth. We prayed for two months and arranged ten 2-day programs in 10 different cities. For these 10 youth conferences, the estimated cost is about $13,600 USD. We need your help in this. We really want to rise up capable future leaders. Please do pray and support us as the Lord leads you. 4. We need your constant prayers for our protection as we travel in the scorching hot summer. Even in the first week of March we are experiencing terrible summer heat and humidity. In the past 7 weeks, our temperatures have been between 102–113 Fahrenheit and this summer we plan to travel more than 4,500 Km. 5. We are going to meet 80% of our Vikasitha pastors these coming summer months. Their work is growing and the activity in other ministry areas, like the Widows ministry and Ladies Self Help Centres, are reaching communities by providing different socio-gospel centered programs, which is very encouraging! Another milestone in our family and ministry is our son, Purna Prasanth, completed his three year theological training. Pray that the Lord uses him mightily to reach the younger generation. Surekha and I went to his graduation at Bangalore on the 13th of March and it was an awesome blessing and time of relaxation for Surekha. We want to thank you all for your valuable partnership in Vikasitha Ministries in India! We greatly appreciate the Vikasitha USA Advisory team for the giving of their time and efforts. Your Indian brother, Steeven Veerapaneni for all

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Please Pray For:

1. Pray for our travels during the hot summer months, as the heat has already started. Today it is 97 F. Humidity 85%. In summer, our temperatures will go beyond 120 F.  We plan to travel for 7 weeks to different regions of our state, with programs including several outreach programs and 26 nightly gospel meetings, a few leadership conferences and youth meetings.


2. Good health and road safety.


3. Pray for those who stay at the headquarters in Vijayawada to look after the ministry while we are traveling, especially in the absence of Surekha. It is actually a very difficult challenge for all of us.


4. Sufficient funds to continue to run different ministry activities.









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