December 2015 Newsletter

Dear beloved Vikasitha Ministry Partners and Friends, Sending you warm greetings from the Vikasitha Family, India, in the name of the matchless and most incredible GIFT, Jesus Christ! We hope and pray that all of you are doing well, as you prepare for the Christmas season. Many of you might have been wondering what happened to Surekha and Steeven. You were probably thinking “we have not heard from them since they returned to India”! Yes, it is almost like an aircraft disappeared from air traffic controllers' radar screens! We are extremely sorry for not writing you sooner. Kindly, bear with us for our poor communication at this time. Read on as I explain. ﷯At our Vikasitha Banquet in October, our Vikasitha USA Advisory Team surprised Surekha by singing her “Happy Birthday” and presenting her with a beautiful floral bouquet. In the same manner our dear Lord surprised Surekha & me on October 6th (Surekha’s real day of birth) with the news of breast cancer. We are hoping that through all He will do in this situation, we can one day call it “Best cancer”! We thank the Lord for our medical professional friends in the USA who helped us greatly during our last two weeks in the US, diagnosing and giving us of very good picture of what was happening with her. We shared this news with only the Vikasitha USA Advisory Team and a very few close friends. The moral and prayer support that they extended is immeasurable and we thank the Lord for them. With all the medical reports given to us, we returned to India on October 24th and did some research to find the right doctor to treat Surekha. In situations like these, making decisions is somewhat hard, but after much prayer and consideration we decided to consult doctors and get treatment in Hyderabad (5 hours drive from Vijayawada). Our first visit was on October 28 and they did some testing of their own; PET scans, Core biopsy, and different blood tests. The Lord led us to a well experienced senior surgical oncologist. His team decided to give 4, if necessary 6, cycles of chemotherapy and then perform the surgery. The doctors scheduled the first chemo on November 9th and explained there would be some side effects. On the third day after treatment, Surekha had a reaction and was not responding when spoken to, only staring at people, not communicating. We rushed her to the hospital and the doctors performed a brain MRI. It showed everything was O.K. in the brain, but through blood tests they found her sodium and potassium levels were down. We were in the hospital for 2 days while she was being treated and then we headed back to Vijayawada. ﷯Her second chemo was on November 30th and this time Surekha suffered a great deal with head, neck and shoulder pain. In addition there was an allergic reaction on her forearm where they injected the chemo (picture above) that she had to continuously ice. Her third chemo is scheduled on December 21st. Surekha and the rest of our family members are in very good spirits and trusting our Lord. As most of you know this is a long journey and we value your continuous moral and prayer support. Along with all this that is going on with Surekha, in the last week of November one of our Vikasitha pastors, Vijay Paul’s wife, had a pregnancy crisis. She had many problems (full diabetic, high inconsistency in blood pressure, kidneys failure and so on) and was in the hospital for a month. On November 27th, the doctors decided on an emergency C section and brought out a 26 week, underweight baby boy. He was kept in the hospital’s children’s section of ICU. His mother was also in ICU with full machine support and her condition was critical. Sadly, the baby boy passed away on December 1st and his mother passed away on December 5th. She was only 35 years old. Pastor Paul is very faithful servant and has been with Vikasitha since June 2002. Within an 8 day period, we went 3 times to his city to strengthen Paul and the congregation. Each time, there and back, it was a 10 hour drive, but we felt it was worth it to be with them in their time of need. Please keep Pastor Vijay in your prayers. ﷯ Throughout this time, we have continued teaching in our Leadership Training Centre and looking after widows, our Blossoming Buds and other ministries and traveling some, all of which have been a great challenge for me. We want to thank all of you for your faithful partnership with us in Vikasitha ministries. The Lord has been multiplying whatever you are investing in this ministry. We are witnessing considerable growth in all aspects. We are thankful for your continued support. Please continue to pray for Surekha’s medical needs and if the Lord leads you to help her with the medical costs, you can specifically designate this when sending your donation. Our mailing address: Vikasitha Ministries P.O. Box 4172 Whittier, CA. 90607-4172 With lots of love, Your Indian brother Steeven Veerapaneni

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Please Pray For:

1. Pray for our travels during the hot summer months, as the heat has already started. Today it is 97 F. Humidity 85%. In summer, our temperatures will go beyond 120 F.  We plan to travel for 7 weeks to different regions of our state, with programs including several outreach programs and 26 nightly gospel meetings, a few leadership conferences and youth meetings.


2. Good health and road safety.


3. Pray for those who stay at the headquarters in Vijayawada to look after the ministry while we are traveling, especially in the absence of Surekha. It is actually a very difficult challenge for all of us.


4. Sufficient funds to continue to run different ministry activities.









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