July 2017 Newsletter

Greetings from the Vikasitha (Blossom) Family in India to all of our beloved brothers and sisters & Ministry partners! ﷯We are exceedingly thankful and proud of your support in this fruitful ministry that the Lord has entrusted to us. You all are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. We depend on your prayers! As I mentioned in our last newsletter, we had a very fruitful 7 weeks of Summer Gospel Camps/Programs in our two Telugu speaking states. We left Vijayawada on April 17th and got back on June 3rd. We conducted 4 two-day and 9 one-day Leadership Conferences in different cities. The rest of our days were spent with our Vikasitha pastors, strengthening their congregations. We also were able to conduct a day youth program and nightly gospel meetings in between our travels. We travelled about 7,000 km in total during a blistering hot summer, with our son Purna Prasanth driving our mini bus. Temperatures were between 107 – 123 degrees Fahrenheit with heavy, hot breezes and humidity. In almost every place, we were thankfully able to rent air coolers. But despite the heat, it was tremendously worth the work to encourage the different people groups of India for the Lord. The Lord definitely had his hand of protection upon us. It was also awesome to see how the Lord has given this ministry a team of extremely committed and exceptionally dedicated believers. Ministry Updates: Blossoming Buds: After summer vacation ended in the beginning of June, the buds all came back safe and sound, starting the 2017-18 school year! With a new school year comes new challenges, but all are in good health. Last year two buds finished their schooling final and chose to take technical courses. Leadership Training Centre: On June 15th we began interviews for the new freshmen and started another new school year! ﷯Vanitha (Ladies) Self Help Centers: This summer, we were able to visit 3 centers and heard personal stories of how this ministry is blessedly transforming the lives and living situations of these women. Child Care and Educational Programs The programs are going well as we continue to find and help the needy who economically cannot support their own schooling and living. Mainly, two of our pastors associated with the care and education programs faced problems with the church facilities. In May, a fanatic group destroyed one of our facilities we had dedicated in April, and the last week of May saw gusty winds that literally blew the roof right off our church. Pray for continued encouragement and strength for our pastors who face these trials and attempt to continue the calling the Lord has put on our hearts despite the adversity. Widows and Old Aged supports: Currently, we are helping 64 widows who live across the region. During the summer, we meet with many of them and they were very thankful for the little support they were able to receive. You are in their thoughts often! We have planned for the 15th Anniversary Thanksgiving celebration of Vikasitha ministries on September 12th and 13th and as well as a Graduation Ceremony! Please keep the event and celebration in your prayers! With Love and through the amazing Grace and Redemption of our Lord, Steeven and the US Advisory Team

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Please Pray For:

1. Pray for our travels during the hot summer months, as the heat has already started. Today it is 97 F. Humidity 85%. In summer, our temperatures will go beyond 120 F.  We plan to travel for 7 weeks to different regions of our state, with programs including several outreach programs and 26 nightly gospel meetings, a few leadership conferences and youth meetings.


2. Good health and road safety.


3. Pray for those who stay at the headquarters in Vijayawada to look after the ministry while we are traveling, especially in the absence of Surekha. It is actually a very difficult challenge for all of us.


4. Sufficient funds to continue to run different ministry activities.









Surekha Update