October 2017 Newsletter



Charlie Corum and Jaime Tricerri, part of the USA Advisory Team were fortunate to travel to India in September and spend time with Steeven, Surekha, their family and see the ministries first hand.  Here is a short note from them.

It was a wonderful and encouraging time to see what the Lord is doing through the ministry!


We were able to participate in the two day 15-year anniversary’s celebration of God’s faithfulness in this ministry.  We celebrated with 400 community leaders and their spouses, most, who were graduates of the Therismos leadership program. They all have answered God’s calling to go out serve in various communities, caring for the less fortunate and showing the love of Jesus.


What a wonderful Spirit filled time of worship, sharing and praising the Lord!  We were able to spend time listening to the testimonies of past graduates who are now serving the Lord in various parts of India. Many of the testimonies included the often hardship and spiritual challenges warfare they have faced. Please pray for these servants.


About 90 graduates received their diplomas that evening. We were so happy to be a part of this wonderful celebration! And, so thankful that Surehka was also able to be in attendance. Up to that evening, she was having trouble breathing and coughing every time she tried to speak. Her desire and the hope was that the Lord would allow her address the graduates for at least five minutes.  However, the Lord was so gracious, Surekha was able to speak encouraging words for 20 minutes without a single cough!  That was a miracle!  Surehka and Steeven are very loved by the community they interact with and both so well respected.  Please keep Surehka in your prayers, as she is very fragile right now, struggling with pain and coughing and breathing.  Pray for Steeven and the family as they watch Surehka go through this difficult part of her journey.


While visiting, we also had various opportunities to spend time with the orphan (Buds) children. It was wonderful to wake up to the girl buds singing and praising the Lord at 5:30 a.m. on the dot, every morning, and then hear them once again singing praises before heading off to bed!


We also visited with the widows this ministry supports and gave them a special gift, sarees. Although. It may not seem as much, the $12 per month the ministry provides takes care of their  basic needs. What a great ministry that shows the love of Christ.


We visited one of the five self-help centers. Young women from the community that come to receive the vocational training of sewing or embroidery so they can improve their lives.


We had the opportunity to visit a few village churches and spent time with the pastors and their families and attended their worship service. They were very humble and hospitable with the little they have. They are truly a shining light in their community. Pray for these churches.


We were also able to spend time with the college students, speaking to them, hearing their testimonies and encouraging them. Most of the students have left their homes to become full-time students. They receive free room and board and serve in the ministry. They all have decided to serve in their community among the less fortunate. Upon graduation, wherever the Lord sends them. As they go out, Vikasitha will help them by providing a bicycle, basic items and a monthly support of about $35 for about six months.


Although, we saw a lot of need in India,  it was good and encouraging for us to see that Vikasitha ministries is a well needed light in the community.


Charlie & Jaime

(US Advisory Team)


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Please Pray For:

1. Pray for our travels during the hot summer months, as the heat has already started. Today it is 97 F. Humidity 85%. In summer, our temperatures will go beyond 120 F.  We plan to travel for 7 weeks to different regions of our state, with programs including several outreach programs and 26 nightly gospel meetings, a few leadership conferences and youth meetings.


2. Good health and road safety.


3. Pray for those who stay at the headquarters in Vijayawada to look after the ministry while we are traveling, especially in the absence of Surekha. It is actually a very difficult challenge for all of us.


4. Sufficient funds to continue to run different ministry activities.









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