September 2014 Newsletter

Dear beloved brothers and sisters, The Vikasitha Family in India greets you all in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ! By the Lord’s grace and your continuous prayers we are all safe and doing well. It’s been quite a long time since you have last heard from us and I would like to give you all an update on how the Lord protected and used us for His kingdom’s work recently. 1. All of our 43 Vikasitha Buds had a very successful school year. Their schools were closed for summer vacation on the 23rd of April. All except one went to spend it with their loved ones for 6 weeks. Now they are back in school which started on June 12th. This year we have 38 school going blossoming Buds (21 girls and 17 boys) and one college going Bud. It is really a wonderful blessing to see how they are blossoming in all aspects of their lives, though the challenge remains great to raise them in a godly manner. 2. Regarding Harvesters training program (Bible School): After finishing their 2013-’14 school year on April 5th, all 58 were engaged with different practical ministry activities. Some directly went into church planting, others were in the Summer Gospel Camps. 3. This summer we were able to provide 35 teachers to aid in reaching children through the VBS in April and May where they were able to impact more than 3,000 youth for the Lord! 4. 6 weeks of Summer Gospel Camps: In the midst of dreadful heat (105-121F) and 100% humidity, we (student and faculty) travelled about 4200 kms in total and took the gospel to different unreached communities around India. 5. We reopened our Harvesters training Centre and this year accepted 53 young, energetic and enthusiastic men and women from all over the states of India. 6. Five new church planters completed their 3 year training program in our training centre and are now serving the Lord in 5 different locations. Continue to keep them in your prayers as they venture on these new journeys. 7. We were finally able to paint our ‘Malori Aslan’s Place’ (boys building) in May and June, a definite praise to the Lord! The total cost ended up being $10,600 USD, a little more than originally expected. We want to thank all of our sponsors the continued generosity and the role you played in saving our building. 8. Currently, we are supporting 45 widows with most of them in their sixties. It is a wonderful blessing to see what and how much our little monthly financial support of $8 USD can do in their lives and they are emensly thankful to all our sponsors. We would like to help a few more if the Lord provides more financial support for this purpose; the need is definitely present. 9. In July, a team from Los Angeles, the Young Nak Celebration Church, visited us. We were able to travelled to different tribal villages, churches, and the Ladies Self Help Centre. They are firsthand witnesses for how the Lord is using us to fulfill His plan and purpose here in India. They also ministered to our children and Bible College students. It was a great time of learning from each other. 10. Another highlight of our ministry was the Women Conference held in July. The Lord used Pastor Kim McManus and the team from Mosaic, LA, in a powerful way, leaving a tremendous impact on all 283 pastors’ wives who attended from all over our State. We have been receiving numerous phone calls from pastors thanking us for encouraging their wives and instilling a missions spirit in them. Praise the Lord! 11. We thank God for providing us a new sound (PA) system! The Lord used one of our supporters to bless this aspect of ministry. ﷯After 29 years, I suffered last month for 2 weeks from a very bad viral fever (it was in July 1985 that I had last experienced such a strong sickness). It was a struggle for me to stay at home that long but I am now doing well and catching up with all the ongoing work. Dear brothers and sisters, almost every single day we as Vikasitha Family cover you all (families, your work and ministries) with our prayers. We are so thankful for all you do to Vikasitha ministries in India through your morale, prayer and financial support! As always, please visit our Website for updates and more information: Our mailing address: Vikasitha Ministries, P.O. Box 4172, Whittier, Ca. 90607-4172 Let us all appreciate brothers Jaime Tricerri, Andrew Tricerri and Vikasitha Advisory Team in USA for rendering their services to Vikasitha Ministries in India. Your Indian brother, Steeven Veerapaneni for all

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Please Pray For:

1. Pray for our travels during the hot summer months, as the heat has already started. Today it is 97 F. Humidity 85%. In summer, our temperatures will go beyond 120 F.  We plan to travel for 7 weeks to different regions of our state, with programs including several outreach programs and 26 nightly gospel meetings, a few leadership conferences and youth meetings.


2. Good health and road safety.


3. Pray for those who stay at the headquarters in Vijayawada to look after the ministry while we are traveling, especially in the absence of Surekha. It is actually a very difficult challenge for all of us.


4. Sufficient funds to continue to run different ministry activities.









Surekha Update