Vikasitha Children's Homes:

Vikasitha means “blossom”.  Our hope and work is to provide an environment that enables our orphaned children to blossom and reach their full potential.  These young children are like “buds” cut off from a future of healthy growth.  By God’s grace we have the ability to give them hope to blossom again.  The children come from different caste backgrounds and at Vikasitha we provide the opportunity for them to grow in a casteless atmosphere.


In 2001 we started with 3 children and today we are caring for 40.  As always, it is a great joy to witness how they mature mentally, physically, and spiritually.  The children have an opportunity to advance in education as we provide a home, clothing, medical needs, sports activities, and good schooling.  Surekha with the help of two young ladies provide supervision and care for our  girl “buds,” along with two other trained staff who provide care to the boy “buds” home.


Support: It takes $60/month to completely provide for a bud

Therismos Centre for Education (Harvesters training program):

It is through this program that dedicated young men and women are trained and prepared to serve and bring hope to unreached and often neglected people groups.


Through our two to three year training program, we provide free education, food and shelter for the students, who often are unable to afford such opportunities.


Support: It takes $55/month to completely support a harvester. So far 10 classes have gone out into field to share the gospel.

Old Age and Widows Support:

We call this ministry Oudharyam, which means “Generosity.” Through this ministry, we are now supporting 49 widows who are in desperate need  of basic necessities and have no means of support. We provide these women, who stay in their home village, with regular monthly financial help that covers their food for one week. We also give them yearly special gifts like blankets, towels, sarees (dresses) etc, as well as a cash gift to provide for their medical needs. Support: It takes $12/month to support a widow.

Vanitha (“Ladies”) Self Help Centers:

Vanitha is translated "young lady." In these centers, we provide special training to ladies in various needle works (sewing, embroidery), paintings, and other vocational skills. By vocational training, we desire to help women become self supporting and encouraged by the good news and the friendships that are developed. We now operate four centers – Vijayawada, Huzurnagar (80 miles southwest of Vijayawada), Dharmapuri (650 miles away from Vijayawada) and Bodevandla Palli ( 578 miles south of Vijayawada). Support: It takes $475/month to support the four centers.

Leader (Philanthropists) Support:

There are 34 leaders in 3 different states who are working for the Lord in spite of the many hardships and obstacles they face daily. Almost all of them are our leadership graduates. We  provide monthly financial support for these leaders. Support: We support each leader with around $45/month.

Leader Seminars and Conferences:

From 2002 – 2013, We have conducted over 26 pastor seminars (2 days each). In many cases accommodations, food, and, in some cases, transportation were provided.   These seminars are a great help for leaders by providing them time to reflect and refine their ministerial vision and strengthen their faith to face any kind of ministry challenge. 2014 also provided leaders and their wives with the first marriage and family conference to encourage transformation in their lives as a couple and that of the people they serve. Cost:  Varies with location, attendance, and provisions made available.  About $4000 for full accommodations for 250 leaders for 3-4 days 

Women Conferences:

These conferences serve to bring leaders’ wives into the full understanding of ministry and in order for both of them to build and sustain the Lord's calling.


The Lord first laid this burden in Surekha Veerapaneni’s heart for over 6 years ago and its fruit can truly be seen in July 2012 when we conducted our first statewide 4 day women conference. It left a tremendous impact on the 322 participants. Since, we have conducted 6 regional women conferences. And in July 2014 we conducted our second statewide 4 day women conference. 283 women participated and were immensely blessed.

Starting Worship Centers:

After finishing their Leadership training program, we provide the new graduates with start-up  kits. These include a bicycle, utensils, mats, and bed sheets, as well as other necessary items.  They serve for 6 months in pioneering the work of starting new worshipping communities.


Support: around $75/month

Community Educational programs:

Vikasitha provides expert tutors to the local poor and slum-area children to assist in their education, particularly in mathematics and science. In additional to academics, we also teach the students  manners, morals and spiritual principles and values, providing them the ability to make both informed and upright life choices.

Local Spiritual Ministry:

Through this meditation center, assistance is given to the local surrounding communities with the good news and a place to grow mentally, morally, and spiritually through friendships, support, and learning that is provided.

Intercession on Wheels:

A unique ministry of intercession. As we travel throughout our state, we intercede for the people who we pass by.

Living Water Health Care Center:

Vikasitha is always trying  to build good relationships with the local community in any way we can. In search of various ways, we have found that a health care clinic is an excellent door into the hearts of the most needy in our community. In 2009, we began the Living Water Health Care Center. Word has slowly spread through the local community about the health services and care they can receive here.


In October 2011 we conducted a three day mega medical camp with medical professionals from Young Nak, LA. Those who came from the community received high-quality treatment and medicine; the results were immensely fruitful.

Mosaic E-Learning Center:

This is another opportunity that God has revealed to us of how to better serve our local community. Through this wing of Vikasitha, we provide computer education to those who cannot afford private computer institutions but want to seek a career in the Information Technology sector (IT). Our IT instructor is no longer with us.  We are seeking a new instructor who is dedicated to serving the less privileged using his education and skills in computer training.


This has been a great open door to build friendships and relationships with the youth in high school and college.

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